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How to Briar!

It’s Briar Feature Week!  Briar is a brand new pattern for PSCo and possibly your first time trying lingerie!  Don’t let the idea of a

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Find your Briar fit!!

Getting the perfect fit is the goal with any item we sew. Understanding the different pattern pieces and how to make adjustments will get you

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How Do YOU Yogger??

Heyyyyy! With the re-release of our FREE Yoggers pattern, we wanted to take some time go back to basics and have a little fun along

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How to do a Dartless FBA

With the COVID quarantine in full effect I have been setting my sights on warmer weather and hopefully a life outside of my house! The

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It's me Ashley!

Hi! I am one half of the Ashley’s that bring PSCo to life. I am a mom of 3 (soon to be 4) tiny humans. Here at PSCo we love creating the newest in PDF fashion and seeing what you create!



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