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Appliqué All Day!!

My youngest is OBSESSED with anything Cars, especially Lightning McQueen! This would be totally fine if there was enough merch available to satisfy his obsession

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The Lazy Scrunchie

Nothing quite brings back that 90’s nostalgia for me like one of my favorite hair accessories- the scrunchie! I won’t lie, a part of me

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It’s Gonna Be May Blog Tour!

Pretty sure I’ve been infatuated with JT since forever….the ramen hair of N’Sync was everything when  I was younger. And he’s only gotten better with

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It's me Ashley!

Hi! I am one half of the Ashley’s that bring PSCo to life. I am a mom of 3 (soon to be 4) tiny humans. Here at PSCo we love creating the newest in PDF fashion and seeing what you create!



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