My youngest is OBSESSED with anything Cars, especially Lightning McQueen! This would be totally fine if there was enough merch available to satisfy his obsession but sadly there is not. With his birthday coming up in just over a month, the pressure is on to find the perfect gifts. After scouring Amazon and eBay and purchasing the few things I liked, I felt like I was still missing that special something. That’s when I decided to get creative!

I have always loved the look of appliqué and while I do have an embroidery machine, I rarely use it. I decided to opt for a completely different technique for this hooded tee for my little that can be done with nothing more than some fabric scraps, Heat’n’Bond, and your sewing machine. You could totally even hand sew these pieces.







To get started, you’ll want to gather a few materials:


  • Pencil, paper, scissors, and ruler (ya know, the basics)
  • Fabric scraps for your appliqué
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Heat-n-Bond
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread

There are two types of Heat’n’Bond- Lite and Ultra. If your item will be heavily washed, I strongly suggest Heat’n’Bond Lite (HBL). HBL is sewable so you can fuse it to your fabric and stitch through it without getting your needle all gummy. Heat’n’Bond Ultra (HBU) is a stronger hold and doesn’t need to be sewn down. I don’t trust HBU for items like clothing. It would be fine for a craft project or a item that will be for display/one time wear. In my personal opinion it doesn’t wash well and will gum up your needle if you sew through it.

Ok, let’s get started!

My kid will be wearing this top in HEAVY rotation so I chose HBL. I got this package at Walmart and it was less than $3.
The next thing you need is a template! I chose to do the lightning bolt and a “Mr. McQueen” hoodie pocket. I freehanded my drawings but you could print off a letter/number or design and use that. I decided to add the car’s eyes to the front hoodie pocket so I traced the full pocket pieces and marked my seam allowances so I could get the sizing and placement correct. Cut out your templates.
Using your template as a guide, cut out a square from your fabric and a same sized square of your Heat’n’Bond. Apply the HBL/HBU to the WRONG SIDE of the fabric using your iron and following the directions on the package. DO NOT remove your backing. Trace the template onto the backing. Remember that you will need to place your design wrong side up when you trace to create a mirror image on the other side. Cut out your design.
Peel off the backing and place the the design adhesive side down. Position where you would like and iron in place.
After the appliqué has completely cooled, sew 1/8″ around the edges. If you are doing a layered appliqué, simple repeat the steps for the next layer. That’s it! Finish constructing the rest of your garment as usual <3


I feel like I don’t sew for my little dudes enough but when I do, I like to show out! Look how cute these little details made made this hooded tee- which may or may not be a sneak peek of what may or may not be releasing 8/15!

Thanks for reading along and I hope you decide to try it out. Please share your makes in our fan group, we love to see your pretties <3

-Ashley R.

Written by petitestitchery Admin

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