Spring has officially sprung! Ok, well maybe not officially due to the fact that there are large parts of the country still under a thick blanket of snow. It’s definitely spring in my heart and that’s all that counts, right?

I am really big on themed holiday gear. With Easter coming up I have been itching to make something cute! Unfortunately, my daughter has reached the age where she has opinions. Getting her to model things she doesn’t like usually doesn’t work out well for me. However, I do have a teeny little niece who has limited opinions so she will be on the receiving end of some fab holiday sets!

I have been loving the bunny bums I have been seeing everywhere. My sister in law agreed that it was a need! First, PSCo has a few different styles of ‘bummies’ (Frankentank, Romy, Phoenix, and Norah) and I needed to decide which one to go with! I chose to go with the Norah Night Shorts for this look. I used some bullet fabric in the color ‘banana’ from from Fabrics Universe. For the top I used the top length Saffron in a neon pastel striped linen fabric from my stash.

So, what about that bunny booty?

I knew I wanted a fur pom and I love, love, love the snap on ones. First, it makes laundering so much easier. The faux fur does not hold up well in the wash. Earlier this winter I had bought some but didn’t have anything in white. However, I did have some fur scraps from a previous project and some sew on snaps. I mean how hard could it be, really? I had all the stuff and these poms can be pretty pricey, anywhere between $4-6 each depending on size. Challenge accepted 💪

Tbh, I am pretty obsessed with the way mine came out and I can definitely see myself making many, many more in the future. Now let’s make our diy faux fur pom pom!

Here’s what you need:

  • Small piece of long pile faux fur
  • Scissors
  • Hand-sewing needle & thread
  • Sew on snaps
  • 4-6″ diameter circle object- or you can grab the printable template in the files section of the Petite Stitchery & Co Fan Group!

Let’s make our faux fur pom pom!

For my pom, I just used a bit of fur I had left over from making some stockings a few years back. One of my favorite place to shop for furs is in the remnant bin at JoAnns! You can get some good sized pieces for cheap with that extra 50% off the sale price!

First, cutting fur is messy business and using a rotary cutter is a definite no-no. The rotary cutter cuts a lot of the long pieces of fur making a bigger mess and it makes the edges of your pom shorter. Next, I found the best way was to cut from the back and kinda wiggle the scissors between the the backing and the fur. Then you need push the longer parts of the fur away from your scissors as you cut. This seems to make less of a mess and your edges come out a lot nicer.

For this part you will want to use either a heavier weight thread (like upholstery thread) or double up on the thread strands because regular thread is likely to break. Run a quick gathering stitch around the edges of the circle.

Make sure you pull slowly. The fabric is thick and if you pull too hard you can snap your threads.

If you don’t have fiber fill you could stuff with some small bits of fabric or yarn- just make sure it is light! If you stuff it with something too heavy it won’t sit right on top of your beanie or as a bunny tail.

Now we want to close the hole by sewing as tightly as we can across the opening. I won’t lie- this part took me a minute. I found that the best way to close the loop is by sewing through the very top edge of one side, crossing over to the over side, going through that top edge and slip stitching. Next, just keep doing that back and forth over the opening until it is closed tightly and then tie off.

These sew on snaps are about 5/8″ in size. If you’re unfamiliar with snaps, there are two parts to each snap- the socket and the stud. We will be attaching the stud to our garment and the socket to the pom pom.

You’ll notice four little holes in the sides of the snap. Loop your threads around these holes to attach. First, I made about 6 loops on each hole and then I made sure to tie off my threads super securely. I definitely don’t want them coming loose later.

Next, you’ll do the same thing to the stud. For most garments it is probably going to be a good idea to reinforce the wrong side of your fabric. For this set I chose not to add any interfacing. This will make the snap easy to remove after Easter and she will have a cute spring set!

All that’s left to do it attach your pom and you can finally admire your handiwork! Check out this cute little set that’s on it’s way to my niece 👇



This was such a fun little set to make- and I hope you enjoyed my faux fur pom pom tutorial!

If written instructions are just not your thing check out the video tutorial on the Petite Stitchery & Co YouTube Channel!

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‘Hoppy’ sewing, friends!


Written by petitestitchery Admin

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