If there is one thing I love, it’s a good pattern hack! Even if that pattern is my OWN pattern, that I designed. I still can’t resist a little hacking.

Today I have three hacks for the Elliot Romper & Dress pattern that we released last week. But get this- all the hacks have videosssss! We have been working super hard to bring you a lot more visual content this year. In fact our last FOUR released patterns (Elliot, Janie, Halsey, & Ramona) have all had video components to go along with the tutorial! How cool is that?

Ok so let’s get started on these hacks- and check out the new vids below!

Cuffed Hem Hack

First up we have a cuffed hem hack. This video will teach you step by step how to calculate and sew up knit hem cuffs for your Elliot. Plus it explains how to do one of my FAVORITE hacks of all time- the single seam cuff! It’s seriously a game changer that you MUST check out.

Shorts Hack

Next up we have this super cute “shortall” hack for Elliot! The tutorial goes over to adjust your pattern pieces to create a short length romper that is either hemmed or banded. There are instructions for truing the hem allowance on your shorts for the perfect hem every time! This is a method that you can use on many any patterns, not just Elliot! If you want to skip the hem like I did, there are instructions for creating this cute bubble effect on your shortalls by adding a cuff to the bottom of the hem.

Knotted Strap Hack

Ok, so this one is a favorite! My kiddo is smack dab in the middle of a growth spurt and we need like a MILLION Elliots for summer. However, I was worried that she would outgrow them too fast so I decided to hack on some adjustable knotted straps! This will give us a bit more wear from our rompers and how cute do they look on her?!?

So how was that for a pattern hack round up?

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You can get the Elliot Romper & Dress in Baby, Kids, and Adults right HERE.

If you need any additional help with the Elliot Romper, check out this video that goes over the slant pocket construction and binding for the V-neck and arm bands 👇

I hope you enjoyed these hacks as much as I enjoyed making them for you!

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Until next time, friends!

Written by petitestitchery Admin

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