You might have noticed that we dropped some amazing new patterns last week- the Halsey Henley and the Ramona Shacket! If you haven’t grabbed these patterns yet, don’t stress- they’re still on sale but not for too much longer. You can get both the Halsey and Ramona in Baby, Kids, and Adult sizes on sale for just $7 through March 7th, 2021!

Our Brand Ambassador team has been hard at work to bring you some of the coolest pattern hacks for our new releases! As you check out the post you will see some of the links marked as “Affiliate” links. This means that if you purchase using one of these links our affiliates will get a little kickback to their PayPal. It costs you nothing but helps them keep creating these fab makes!

Now let’s check out some of these hacks!

Skirted Halsey with Krissy

First up in our hack round up is the fabulous Krissy with this adorable scoop back skirted Halsey Henley (#affiliate) that she made for her kiddo. Both of these hacks are totally easy to replicate. For the scoop back, Krissy just cut two fronts instead a front and a back. Remember to cut two front facings as well! For the gathered skirt, cut the top along the waistline. Measure the waist opening of your pattern and cut a rectangle that is 2-3 times as wide as the waist opening by the length that you need. If your rectangle is too wide for your fabric, you can divide by two and cut two pieces. Just remember to factor in your seam allowances!

Sleeveless Ramona with Anna

Next up is the amazing Anna Clark with a sleeveless/vest Ramona Shacket (#affiliate)! For this hack Anna did two things. First, she omitted the collar stay and lengthened the hood front to make it fit the neckline. Rumor has it, there will be a video for this on our YouTube channel super soon! Wink, wink. Next, she left off the sleeves and instead finished them with facings. Facings are my favorite way to finished curved edges cleanly. Other options for finishing the armscye would be bands, bindings, or just leaving it raw for a grunge look! For more of Anna’s makes, you can follow her on Instagram!

Hibi/Halsey Mash with Jennifer

And then we have Jenn. Over here KILLING IT with her Hibi/Halsey mash up. I am gonna be real honest, I baited Jenn into sewing up this look. It didn’t take much more than the suggestion that a mash of the Halsey Henley (#affiliate) bodysuit and the thong version of the Hibiscus would be epic. That’s all it took to plant the seed. For this look, Jenn just blended the bottom of the hibiscus into the top of the Halsey and BAM, epic bodysuit! Check out more of Jenn’s fab makes on Insta!

Faux Layer Ramona with Calli

Calli got like FANCY, fancy with this faux layer Ramona Shacket! (#affiliate) I don’t even know if I can get into all the details of this hack- mostly because it feels like some sort of pattern-hacking sorcery. But one thing that I can share is that she added the inseam pockets from the Maple T-Shirt Dress! Make sure you follow Calli on Insta for more of her fabulous makes!

Halsey Micro Mini Dress with Stephany

Next up is the lovely Stephany with a super easy hack! Stephany came to me in testing with the idea to lengthen the curved hem of the top length Halsey Henley (#affiliate) to replicate a curved hem micro mini that she had seen online. And the results? Flawless! Check out more of her work on Instagram!

Gathered Ramona with Taylie

Y’all, this hack! The super talented, Taylie, killed it with this gathered Ramona Shacket! (#affiliate) For this hack, Taylie cut the front and back bodice a couple inches under the bottom of the of the armscye then added 3/8″ to the bottom of the top portion and top of the bottom portion (that’s a mouth full!). Then she doubled the width of the lower back panel and each of the lower front panels. Gather the lower panels to match the width of the uppers and construct as normal. Didn’t this turn out gorgeous? For more looks from Taylie, you can follow her on Instagram!

Halsey/Rey Mash with Jackie

How cute does Jackie’s adorable kiddo look in this Halsey/Rey mash up! Technically there are three patterns in this fun mash! Jackie took the bodice from the Halsey Henley (#affiliate) and cut it straight across on the crop line. Then she added the skirt from the Recess Romper with the pockets from the Rey Overalls and voilá! If you love this hack- make sure you follow Jackie on Instagram!

Hooded Halsey with Agnese

Check out this fun hooded Halsey from the lovely Agnese! For this hack, Agnese took the hood from the Finn tee and added it to the faux placket Halsey Henley (#affiliate). Don’t you love how this hack turned out? Aside from being a super talented sewist- Agnese is all about that fiber life. Check out some of her amazing knitted makes on her Insta or shop them on Etsy!

Split Back Ramona with Leslie

Check out this fab split back Ramona Shacket (#affiliate) hack from the talented Leslie Houtchens! For this hack, first you need to add 3/8″ to the lower back bodice piece for your center back seam allowance. Next, instead of cutting your lower back piece on the fold, cut 2 mirrored pieces. Choose the point that you want your split to end and sew to that point. Press the seam allowance open and hem your split. Sew the rest of the shacket following the tutorial. For more looks from Leslie, check out her Insta!

Side Slit Halsey with Anna

Next up is a side slit for the Halsey Henley (#affiliate) with the lovely Anna Clark! For this hack, you just need to select how high up your slit will go and mark that on both your front and back pattern pieces. When sewing your side seam, stop at the place that you marked. Press the seam allowance open and hem your split. Super easy, right? Check out more of her work on Insta!

Lace Detail Halsey with Amanda

Last- but definitely not least is the fabulous Amanda Schildmeier with this lace detail hack for the Halsey Henley (#affiliate). For this hack, Amanda used stretch lace to accentuate the center back seam of the Halsey. Just simply topstitch the lace down on each side and you have a sweet detail to dress up your tee! Check out more makes from Amanda by following her on Instagram!

We hope you enjoyed this months pattern hack round-up and seeing all the beautiful makes by our talented Brand Ambassadors!

Until next time, friends!

Written by petitestitchery Admin

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