I don’t know about you all but once September hits I am ready for all things fall. Give me the bonfires and hoodies, harvest scents and spooky movies- I am here for all of it! As a kick off to our fall sewing, we rereleased one of my favorite patterns yesterday- The Tardy Bells! We expanded the sizing on the girls sizes to include tween and also added the Bitty Bells for babies and the Hell’s Bells for women. If that wasn’t enough, all the patterns got a major upgrade! They now feature three cuts (wide flare, slim flare and bootcut), as well as a hot short option and a jumper! The jumper is so cute and gives me all the 70’s vibes! Grab all three at the links below <3

We live in Florida so the weather here won’t be cooling down anytime soon but that hasn’t slowed down my desire for spooky sewing! I got this glitter skulls fabric a few weeks ago from Paris Bebe Fabrics and it is to die for! Seriously swooning over the little lashes on the skulls <3 Molleigh even noticed that her skulls had ‘eyebrows’ lol Since we’re still in the 90’s down here, bells are out of the question right now and I knew I wanted to do something epic with this fun print.

Circle skirts are probably one of my favorite things to sew. Molleigh loves the twirl and I love the fact that I don’t have to gather anything. At first I thought of maybe just a jumper dress but Molls plays hard so we can rarely wear dresses or skirts without something underneath. I decided to add a circle skirt in between the hot shorts and the jumper to make this amazing jumper/skort/thing! And here’s how I did it:

First, I finished the jumper waistband and shorts using the directions in the pattern. Ignore that my short fabric was cut upside down. Ugh.
You can use any circle skirt pattern, just choose one with a similar waist size as the top of the shorts. I used the circle skirt from the Frankentank.
Slide the shorts into the skirt, matching the raw edges.
Pin the skirt evenly around the opening of the shorts.
Sandwich the skirt between the shorts and the jumper matching all the raw edges. Pin in place and sew.
And BOOM, check out that twirl! I left the bottom unhemmed because somewhere in my massive stash of trims I have a spider lace that would be perfect!

If you haven’t grabbed the new bell bottom patterns yet, you can get them here:

Tardy Bells:


Hell’s Bells:


Bitty Bells:


And if you are looking for more of this adorable spooky fabric, you can find it over at Paris Bebe Fabrics:


The bells are one of my favorite patterns and I can’t wait to see all your makes! Happy sewing!

-Ashley R. <3

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