Finn and Nash finally released late last month and us folks at PSCo are SO excited! Finn has been in the plans for a while, and we released the Finn Cropped freebie back during our 20K celebration. Everyone got a taste of what Finn could be it did NOT disappoint! It’s the relaxed tee and hoodie you didn’t know you needed or wanted, but now that it’s here, and with ALL THE OPTIONS, it’s earned a place in your pattern library!

Nash was also a long-begged for pattern, as Yoga pants are a staple for many peeps nowadays, especially those who wrangle children all day! No yoga attendance or poses required to enjoy ’em! The optional colorblocking and pocket add a lil’ something special and provides a much needed spot for your phone, or, y’know, snacks.

We’ve got some fun hacks for ya, so check it out!

Nash & Finn Priness-Inspired Hacks!

It’s time for some fun modifications on Finn and Nash

I could not resist the urge to do some inspired sets for my little to wear!

Laying out the nash is super fun, and easy to pick some color combos that represent your inner mermaid! 

I chose a sparkly jewel tone athletic for the green and paired the Nash with a watercolor inspired Finn. Try to make your back yoke match your side color block, and waist band with pockets for fun! 

When I sew the side color block on, I clip where the pocket top meets the back yoke to make the jewel tone look seamless. 

It’s a simple, fun way to color block! Perfection! 

Now, here’s some simple modifications I’ve done! 

When working with French terry, I love to fold my ends up for a cool texture contrast! It replaces a neckband,  and hemming is made simple! 

Once you have your finished Finn, turn all your edges up, or let them roll. Tuck all the tails from your serging to prevent fraying. Fold up and stitch ! 

For Nash, in lieu of a pocket, I decided to make simple bows at top and bottom of the pocket location! 

For simple bow:

 Cut a rectangle at least the width of the pocket, and twice as high as you want your bow. 

Serge or sew that shut length wise, and flip right side. I used a scrap for the middle of the bow to close shut, simply sewing it on the back! I sew the band inside out and flip it right side once I trim threads. Place where you’d like on the contrast color. Pin in place. Be sure to catch it on both sides as you serge it in! 

Before attaching my waistband to my Nash, I decided a fun overlaid skirt would dress it up more. 

I folded my “skirt” material in half, and cut a swoop the width of the pants plus 2”

I decided to roll hem the edge for a curly look, but you could hem as well. Pin it on the waist of the pants, right side up, placing overlap where you’d like it. I chose off center. Follow instructions to attach waistband per tutorial.

Well isn’t this adorable? 

Let’s try it on! 

Polynesian vibes for sure! How cute!

Try some simple mods with your next sew; and don’t forget to show it to us in the group! 

Happy sewing! 



Back when I was a kid, I went to a summer camp called 5 Days of Fun and for some reason when testing Finn, I kept thinking about it so it only seemed fitting to showcase 5 Days of Finn in the group! While I didn’t get around to showing EVERY available option of Finn, I did showcase a different one every day and each with a different bottoms pattern from Petite Stitchery and Co!

Day 1

First up was a hooded, tank, banded crop Finn and I paired it with the Briar shorties! I love how quick these shorties are because of the unhemmed look (also, who really likes hemming anyway?) and they were even QUICKER because I attached the contour waistband in the new Nash pattern! *Full disclosure, I’m pretty sure every pair of bottoms I made this week had the Nash contour waistband haha. #queenlazy

Fabric is from The Material Girls


Day 2

Next I made a cuffed, long sleeve Finn with a regular neckline and paired it with Nash. It was Finn and Nash week after all. While Nash is a yoga pants pattern, there’s also an option for bermuda short length which is perfect for me because I have SHORT legs (like really short) and sometimes (okay most times) I don’t want to do all of the shortening to the pattern that comes with the territory of the perfect fit.

Fabric is from Mily Mae Fabrics


Day 3

This might be my favorite of the bunch which is funny because I thought Day 1 would have been. This was actually inspired by a post someone had shared in one of the fabric groups I’m in. She was looking for pattern recommendations and I knew exactly which PSCo patterns would make it! Finn and Yoggers!

Yoggers are a free pattern and you really can’t go wrong with free. I’ve made so many shorts out of the Yoggers pattern this summer it’s crazy, but they fit perfectly and the pockets are amazing and I love the pattern even more with the Nash contour band attached!

Fabric is from The Material Girls


Day 4

Since Finn is an athleisure (or should I say #ASHleisure) pattern, it seemed fitting to make a pre-workout top out of it. I mean, I don’t work out…but I have intentions of doing so and this outfit was my first step towards getting there. I made an off-the-shoulder, cuffed long sleeve Finn and paired it with the shorties in the Hells Bells pattern. That’s right! Hells Bells isn’t just a bells pattern! There’s a shorties option and since I made mine out of supplex they’ll be perfect for my dance workouts once I start doing them…

Fabric is from Mily Mae Fabrics

Day 5

For my FINNale, I wanted to make a cooler weather outfit even though it’s hotter than heck outside right now. I made a hooded, cuffed long sleeve option and paired it with the Rey pants. I think a lot of people think overalls when they think about Rey, but there were also separates included–shorts and pants. I like that the pants are similar to Yoggers with a slimmer fit. 

Fabric is from The Material Girls

My personal wardrobe taste is comfy, but cute and all of these outfits tick those boxes for me. I like how they can all be worn as a whole outfit or separated to mix it up a bit. Which one was your favorite of the 5?

Peace out from your favorite Asian sewist, CZ

Finn “Twist Back” Muscle Tank

PSCo Brand Ambassador Megan Mills is gonna share how she did a super cool twist back hack on the Finn muscle tank!! I’ll let her take it from here!

Okay! First step! Cut front bodice following the pattern instructions.

For the back bodice of tank, you are going to trace the top of the pattern from the shoulder down to the first “fold” mark and you will flip/mirror it. (I used a ruler to make sure it was lined up correctly.) You will cut the back off the fold, as 2 mirrored pieces, so you have two separate back halves. (Make sure to add in seam allowance)

At this point I attach binding to front and back bodice pieces (you can save the neck binding for the end after you’ve sewn the shoulder seams). I eye balled the length needed and cut it 1.5” wide (just a personal preference). You could also just hem it per the pattern instructions, or even just leave it raw! You only need to worry about the armsyce areas in red below.

Take back pieces, place right sides together and sew/serge from the bottom up to the “fold” mark we originally used to trace the top half. (Pic 1)

Now place the back piece right side up and you will take one shoulder over the other crisscrossing them.

You will then attach the rest of the center seam back, starting at the top and getting as close to the twist as possible. At this point, I put the back on the front to see where exactly I wanted my twist to lay, and serged a bit more from bottom end (Pic 2)

Next you will continue making the rest of shirt by attaching the should seams and side seams as described in the pattern instructions and attach your neck binding/band. And voilà, you now have a twisted tank Finn!


Written by petitestitchery Admin

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