It’s Briar Feature Week! 

Briar is a brand new pattern for PSCo and possibly your first time trying lingerie! 

Don’t let the idea of a new style intimidate you! Briar is listed as intermediate sewing level on the site, as it is not a straightforward top pattern that can be sewn without reading the instructions! A beginner can make the Briar pattern, but you will need to have an understating of your machine(s), fabric and methods used in this pattern! 

We will talk on how to measure for your Briar tomorrow, today let’s focus on breaking down the pattern! 

First, Let’s talk Briar Bralette?!

Use the Briar as an excuse to go shopping or dig in your stash!


Fabrics: 4 way knit. Double brushed poly, ribbed knit, pointelle, cotton lycra, athletic and swim knit and MORE!

Notions:  ¼” Elastic is needed for straps, banded front and to add to seams for support. 2” elastic is needed for the band only if doing a fabric encased band or elastic band. 

Pattern Pieces

-Inner Cups: These pieces are labeled as “inner” and are the inner most part of the bralette. Once you have determined your cup size, choose the inner cup based on the style you want to make! I will go into detail about each style in a bit! 

-Outer Cups: These pieces are labeled as “outer” and are the outer most part of the bralette (think side boob coverage). You MUST have an outer cup when making the Briar bralette. 

-Straps: The tutorial is written to make Elastic Encased Fabric Straps. You will need ¼” elastic for this style strap. The cut chart and pattern pieces are listed for the fabric cuts, the elastic is cut the same length as the fabric. You do not have to do this. You can choose to use lingerie elastic, bra straps, or fabric without the elastic. The strap strength and stretch will depend on the materials used. 

-Y Back (optional): You will need the Y Back pattern and the straps labeled Y back straps, these are shorter. 

-Cross Straps (optional): These straps are made to cross in the back and when you are looking at the pattern pieces, they are longer.  

-Bralette Band: The tutorial offers a few styles options for the band.  You can choose Elastic Encased Fabric band, Elastic band or Crop band. 2” elastic is required for the Elastic encased and Elastic band. The crop band uses fabric, I strongly encourage adding ¼” elastic to the seams of the crop band. 

What are the differences in the inner cups? 

Simple- Is the most revealing of all the cups. This is also the style inner cup you need for a Banded Front.

Crossover- The Crossover bralette offers more coverage, by overlapping in the middle. 

Twist- The Twist front gives additional support by pulling the bust towards the middle. The twist front can also be knotted! 

Making the Briar Bralette! 

It is best to read through the tutorial before making the Briar bralette. Also, I HIGHLY suggest making a sample first. To make your sample, start by constructing just the cups to see if what you measured is the correct fit. With each new piece, check to see if it is the correct fit for your body. Ex: hold the around your under bust to see if it will be tight enough. If not, remove length before you construct. Do the same with the straps. 

Check out our live sews in the Fan Group for a more in depth look at how to make the Briar Bralette.  

What about the Babydoll?

The Babydoll option follows the cup construction, but differs in the band to allow the skirt to be added! 




Next up, the Briar Undies!


Undies-Swim fabrics or rayon/spandex blends, nylon spandex, supplex, circular knits, lycra with 4-way, 75% stretch. It is very important that your fabric has the intended stretch, or these undies will not fit correctly. If your fabric rolls, you can add picot elastic! 

Liner: 100% cotton. Cutting up an old T-Shirt works great!

Here are a few shops you can find fabric at!

Making the Briar Undies! 

We have a great tutorial in the Fan Group to break down the steps! Check it out here!  The undies can be made as a Thong or Cheeky! You can also choose low, mid and high rise cut! 

Lastly, what about the Briar Shorties?!

Fabrics: 4 way knit. Double brushed poly, ribbed knit, pointelle, cotton lycra, French Terry, rayon spandex and so much MORE! The fit/comfort will change depending on the stretch content and recovery. 

Notions:  1″ elastic for waist.

Making the Briar Shorties! 

The shorties are a quick, straight forward cheeky shorts pattern. No need to hem, as knit does not fray. The elastic is added to the shorts without a casing! You can choose from a 2” or 3” inseam, as well as, low or high waist! 

I hope that this answered a few questions for you on the new Briar pattern! If you have any more questions, you can reach out in the Fan Group! 

XOXO Ashley H.

Written by petitestitchery Admin

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