Raise your hand if you feel like you were born in the wrong decade! *raises hand*. Yup, I definitely find more comfort in the vintage, relaxed styles of the 60’s and 70’s than whatever the modern trends are! Then again, what was vintage is now hip and cool so am I truly a misplaced flower-child or just need to embrace the fashion of our day?!

Either way, we’re in luck with this next collection from Petite Stitchery! We get the basics, with Arlo Turtlenecks and Joplin Trousers, but also some more fun options in the Birch Jumper and EPIC Indigo Dress! Let’s get into it, shall we?

Arlo Turtleneck Top & Dress

Okay, before we get into the nitty gritty, just a heads up—this. pattern. is. HUGE! There are sooooo many options in it, I’m bound to forget something, but let’s jump in!

At its core, the base of Arlo is a fitted turtleneck. Super basic layering piece or standalone top, this fits easily under all the things–sweaters, blouses, sundresses and of course, the Birch Jumper! It has a neckline for EVERYONE—3 different types of “turtles”—high neck is super simple sew, and there’s also a simple turtleneck or foldover turtleneck. Don’t like stuff around your neck (I feel ya!) there’s also a crewneck option. Woot woot! You can cut it at crop, top or tunic length and be good to go for anything!

How ’bout dresses? You like dresses? We’ve got dresses! Three different fits, to be exact! All options can be made in fitted or relaxed fits, but there’s also a swing flared option if you want something more casual! There’s also a banded split hem option in dress or midi length for a fun and flirty look.

Oh, let’s not forget SLEEEEVES. Yes, we have all the standard, of course. Tank option, short, mid and long sleeves but the eye turner is definitely the bishop sleeve! Such a simple, yet stunning addition takes your top or dress from simple to FAB!

Arlo pairs *perfectly* layered under the Birch Jumper & Dress! So let’s chat about that next!

Birch Jumper & Dress

Before we continue, I feel like we need clarify what a jumper is in the United States—it’s a pinafore style dress. In the UK, jumper often refers to a type of sweater, but that’s definitely NOT what Birch is!

Birch is one of those patterns that I always wanted when I was in high school, but cool clothes were outta my price range so it never happened. So I am HERE FOR THIS!

This jumper is woven OR knit friendly! That’s right, all those denims, corduroys, twills etc you bought because “I’ll just make my own pants!” and then just sat in your stash, go dig them out! But if your stash is all knits, that’s fine, too! Find yourself some sturdy knits like liverpool, ponte, velvet, whatever and make yourself an awesome jumper or skirt!

What? You want options? Oh, we’ve got options! First of all, there are 3 different silhouettes. You can do a jumper (bodice and skirt, slightly more defined waist,) jumper dress (with a center seam, more a-line styled,) or simply a skirt. All options slip on as is with no closure, but if you want a slightly more fitted look, you can add button closures down the front!

Did I mention pockets? I feel like I might have forgotten to mention the pockets. So let’s talk about the POCKETS! There are not one, but TWO types of pocket options for Birch! You can do a “pork chop” pocket or simple patch pockets. Both suffice to keep your phone and/or snacks safe and sound with the added bonus of providing a place to put your hands in those awkward situations. No? Not needed? Just me? Okay, then!

Joplin Wide Leg Trousers

Since you’ve already gone through your stash for wovens for your Birch Jumper, might as well pull out those stretch wovens (with 15-25% stretch) for some Joplin Wide Leg Trousers! These pants are simple in design but epic in execution! The high waisted bottoms are fitted from the waist through the hips before flaring out for a wide leg that will be sure to grab some attention!

These do have a functional fly, but don’t be scared! The construction is simpler than it sounds, and you can use either snaps or buttons to close it!

We realize high-waisted pants can be challenging for our expectant fans, but don’t worry! We’ve got ya covered! A lower cut line and knit waistband gets ya all taken care of!

And of course, it has POCKETS! Though the pockets are Joplin are not traditional (usually patch pockets are on the BACK, not the front!) they get the job done and add to the vintage vibe of the look!

And finally…..

Indigo Top & Dress

The Indigo Top, Dress & Maxi. Y’all, this is one of those patterns that is deceivingly simple yet the end result is nothing less than DRAMATICALLY EPIC!

Okay, before I get ahead of myself, let’s talk about what it is at its core. Indigo is a dolman dress suitable for lightweight, drapey wovens such as crepe de chine, lace, rayon challis, crepes, shower curtains (okay, that one is just me, because I’m obsessed with sewing dresses outta curtains, ha!) No stretch required! But, if you’ve got some 2-way stretch knits destined for greatness, you can make it work! (We don’t recommend 4 way stretch knits for the maxi version, as the skirt can be very heavy, especially the waterfall and train options–more on those in a second!)

First off, you can have a crop or top option, depending on the waistband or skirt you add! Something unique to Indigo is the shirred waistband option. Don’t fret, shirring is as easy as sewing rows with elastic thread in your bobbin. Well, it’s a little more than that, but it definitely isn’t as complicated as it looks!

There are two sleeve option, short and long. For the long sleeve, you can add elastic or shirring to keep it at your wrist. The result is an elegant sleeve for any occasion!

Then there are the dress options. Ohhhhh the dress options! There’s a basic knee length dress option that has a casual vibe to it and would be great for day to day but still fancy enough for a lil extra something. But the maxi version…..

This is what vintage dreams are made of, y’all. Long, flowy, drapey, yet the cinched waist (whether from shirring, elastic or ties) gives you curves and shape. The basic maxi skirt is a super simple sew with gorgeous drape. But the WATERFALL option adds a little extra drama that’ll make you swoon! You can add a slit to either side of the panel for even MORE drama! Because a lil’ leg goes a looooooong way!

Finally, you can add a TRAIN!!! Calling all photographers and formal dress occasions!! Yes, the train is TOTALLY option and only adds one extra seam. What?! Soooo much drama, sooooooo gorgeous, soooooooo epic!

That’s our release, y’all! Which pattern are YOU most excited about?! Be sure to share you makes in our FB group, Petite Stitchery & Co Fans, so we can see all the gorgeous, vintage things you create!


Written by petitestitchery Admin

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