Well, with winter 2020 approaching for much of the northern hemisphere, things are about to get chilly! And if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected—cold where it’s normally warm and warm where it’s normally cold kinda thing. What’s the solution?? LAYERING!!!

We all love a good hoodie pattern, but not just any old plain hoodie. Sure, those have their place, too, but we gotta be a lil’ bit extra if we’re going to sew it ourselves, right?? So we’ve got three brand spankin’ new patterns for ya, ready to keep you warm when you need it, but also perfect for wearing over those lighter layers, in case of a sudden chinook or winter “summer breeze”.

Let’s take a closer look, shall we? Introducing Foster, Miles & Sutton!

Foster Unisex Color-Blocked Hoodie

Raise your hand if you have a huge box of scraps somewhere! I’ll wait. **pause**

Now raise your hand if you have some super cute fabric panels that are juuuuuuust a lil’ too small for that top you’ve been wanting to make! Again, I’ll wait. **another pause**

Annnnnd raise your hand if you’ve got a bunch of awesome fabric and you can never figure out which to use because it’s ALL SO AMAZING! Yes. That’s you and you and YOU!

You ready for THE hoodie pattern for each and every one of you??

Enter Foster.

Foster is a relaxed fit unisex hoodie, perfect for layering over that tee, tank or whatever, with ALL the color blocking options! Want a color blocked hood? Sure. Color blocked bodice and back? No problem! How ’bout sleeves, wanna color block those? You’ve got it! Want a solid hood, solid bodice and solid sleeve. Well… okay, fine, you can do that, too! CHOOSE YOUR OWN HOODIE ADVENTURE and we’ll be there with all the pattern pieces along the way!

Foster is available in Unisex Adult XS-4X and Kids 2T-20 sizing!

Miles Unisex Jumpsuit!

Ah ha! Finally! A jumpsuit for the whole family! Yes, that’s right, this romper/jumpsuit pattern gets everyone dressed in their comfiest! Perfect for fleece or other low-stretch fabrics, it’s the quintessential outfit for lounging around the holidays!

The Miles Jumpsuit features a relaxed, sweatpants style fit for the bottoms and a relaxed fit for the bodice as well. You can totally layer it over other jammies or wear it on its own.

Where does Miles REALLY shine? The customization! Included with the pattern is all sorts of add-ons, such as various animal/character ears, collars, two different skirts, and 3 different hoods! Want pockets? Got those, too! Whaaaaaaat?! Endless options!

Where will your inspiration take YOU!? Check out some of these cuties!!

The Miles Jumpsuit is available in Unisex Adult XS-4X, Kids 2T-20, and Baby nb-24m sizing!

Sutton Cross-Front Hoodie

And now, for something a lil’ different!

The Sutton Cross-front Hoodie isn’t an ordinary hoodie! For sure, you can totes layer it over lightweight tops (camis or other shorter sleeves especially) but where it really shines is in it’s cross-front bodice! This crossover sets it apart from other hoodies and gives it a lil’ extra something special.

Sutton features a semi-fitted fit, so while you can layer it, it also shines on its own! You can sew it up as a hoodie with a split band, which is super cute in of itself, but there’s also a DRESS option for a standalone outfit choice!

One super great perk of Sutton is how breastfeeding friendly it is! The crossover allows easy access for the smallest of babes, while still be super cute and comfy for mom! Check out some of our nursing mamas rocking their Suttons!

However you choose to use Sutton, you’ll be sure to stun and stand out amongst all the other hoodies!

The Sutton Cross-front Hoodie is available in Adult XS-4X and Kids 2T-17 sizing


We hope you LOOOOOOOVE all the new patterns this month! And wait ’til you see what we have in store for you in December!

Make sure to visit our Facebook group and share you creations there! We can’t wait to see where your inspiration takes you!


Written by petitestitchery Admin

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