This year has held a lot of new changes for PSCo. We have rebranded, launched a whole new website with awesome features, and a fabulous new collections of patterns were just released! Yes, we have been busy! lol

Back in December, Ashley and I sat down and discussed our goals for the new year. We thought a lot about how we sew and any problems we often run into along the way. A huge one for both of us was fabric selection. As sewists and designers we understand how big a role choosing the right fabric can play in the fit and feel of your garments. With so many options available, picking the right one can seem like an impossible choice. We knew the look that we wanted for this collection- dreamy, soft, cozy, luxurious.



I started looking around and I placed an order with Mily Mae Fabrics in December before their shop shut down for the holiday break. When I got my package I was floored with the beautiful fabrics I received. They were so soft and perfect for that luxe lounge wear vibe that we were envisioning. We found the perfect fabric for the new releases but wanted to take it a step further.



New Pattern Showcase & Spotlight Sewists



After some chatting, we decided on doing a New Pattern Showcase with every release. We would leave the patterns on sale and make posts everyday detailing different features of each pattern on Instagram and in the Facebook Fan Group (you can check these out following the links). But who would sew them up? The PSCo Spotlight Sewists, that’s who!



Ashley and I decided that each release we would pick some fabulous sewists from the PSCo fam to be featured alongside the new releases. We are so big on community! We would for sure not be where we are without the awesome team of sewists and creators that share their time and makes with us! It is important to us that they get their time in the spotlight, too!



After we finalized our plan, we reached out to our friends at Mily Mae Fabrics and pitched them our idea. We explained that we would love to be able to show our new patterns in some of the gorgeous fabrics that we picked out from MMF. Not only will this help you see how the patterns will look in these fabrics, but also on different body types as well! We got the fabrics ordered, selected out Spotlight Sewists, and here we are!



January 2021: Lookbook



Our Spotlight Sewists have done an AMAZING job of showing off this months looks and we are so excited for you to see the breakdown! So without further adieu…





Aaliyah Johnson



First up we have the lovely, Aaliyah Johnson! She has been completely crushing it with her makes and blowing us away with her fabulous pictures. I mean, look at that smile!



Here’s a little bit about Aaliyah: Im a stay at home mom to two kids, Kaia age 2.5 and Kieran age 5m . I neglect my cleaning so I can sew and be the “fun mom” lol. I started sewing a month before my daughter turned 1. Started testing about 4 months later and everything has take off from there! Striking/pattern testing has been an amazing therapy for my postpartum depression and PTSD and I love the community I’ve gotten to know! Thanks so much for having me as a spotlight sewist!



Aaliyah’s makes: I love how versatile these patterns are!!! My button up Eden is the perfect slouchy, off the shoulder top!! Im more than happy that this pattern has super easy nursing access. Since I’m a breastfeeding mom so that’s usually what I look for in a top nowadays! I’m super excited that Eden can be lounge wear and more revealing with the off the shoulder look. If I added an extra button, it’s the cutest casual wear sweater to wear for any occasion!!



The Norah night shorts are the perfect pairing for Eden! I think it’s amazing that depending on the fabric choice, Norah can look like lounge shorties that are totally appropriate to wear around others or can be made into undies or your favorite swim shorts!!! My Norah’s in Mily Mae’s cashmere waffle are the coziest shorts/undies I own and I can’t wait to make more to lounge in!!!



Aaliyah used the Mily Mae Cashmere Waffle Knit in the color Gingerbread. Here are her thoughts: The Gingerbread Cashmere Waffle is so lush and soft! Its got the perfect weight to be the coziest lounge set without being see through like some waffle fabrics can be!



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Erika Jessen Pin



Next up is the fabulous, Erika Jessen Pin! Erika’s makes are always on point and her photography skills are next level- never a detail out of place!



Here’s a little bit about Erika: I’m Erika. I’m originally from Venezuela but have been in the USA for 16 years. I learned how to sew about 3 years ago when my husband bought me a sewing machine as a Christmas gift. I didn’t open it for 4 months, but once I did I enjoyed it so much that I haven’t been able to go more than 2 days without using it. My husband always says he created a sewing monster. lol It has always been a dream of mine to be able to make my own clothes and I’m really proud to be able to do that now.



Erika’s makes: Ivy is the perfect lounge pants. A loose-fitting pair of pants are a staple for me during this time when I’m spending a lot of time at home. The Ivy pants have a snug fit on the waist hips and a looser fit on the legs making these pants super comfortable and trendy. I also enjoy having the options for pockets and a faux lace detailed in the pattern.



I love an oversized sweater! The Olive top pattern is stylish, super easy to sew, and I love that there is no hemming necessary. I made mine in top length and wide neck. The cashmere sweater knit from Mily Mae Fabrics was perfect for this sweater!



Erika used the Mily Mae Cashmere Waffle Knit in the color Stone. Here are her thoughts: My Ivy pants were made with this this gorgeous cashmere waffle knit from Mily Mae Fabrics. It is super soft and the drape is beautiful and perfect for the pants. I used the same fabric for my Olive and it was perfect! It made them super cozy, soft, and super comfortable to wear.



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Roxanne Kennedy



Now we are ready to check out some fabulous makes from the amazing, Roxanne Kennedy! Roxanne’s makes are always epic, and she’s such a beauty- inside and out!



Here’s a little bit about Roxanne: I use she/they pronouns and live in Massachusetts with my two kids, three cats, and husband. I was raised in a warm part of California, so I have mixed feelings about living in a place with cold and snow! Sewing is my main crafty skill and I have been doing it off and on since I was a child. I’ll try just about any craft at least once. With that in mind, it comes as no surprise that I am always working on something! If I’m not busy making things, I watch a lot of documentaries and garden.



Roxanne’s makes: I made a cropped Eden with the cross over option. In the soft waffle knit fabric it turned out so snuggly and the cross over gives the top the option of being sexy. I think of it as “snexy”.



The bottoms are Ivy with a drawstring and pockets. They are so comfortable! With the pockets I can lounge around in them all day and not loose my phone 10x. I also think the look is cute enough where I could get away with picking up my kids from the school bus stop, if the comfort of the loungewear entices me not to change for the day!



Roxanne used the Mily Mae Cashmere Waffle Knit in the color Gingerbread. Here are her thoughts: The waffle knit is soooo soft, while still having a good weight to be warm and cozy.



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Aaronica Bell Cole



Last- but definitely not least, we have the amazing Aaronica Bell Cole. Not only does Aaronica consistently serve us up gorgeous photos of her and her makes- she is such a beautiful soul!



Here’s a little bit about Aaronica: I like taking long walks down the coffee aisles when COVID isn’t a thing. I live for loungewear no matter what the time of year. Mom of 3 married to the man of my dreams while making my dreams a reality.



Aaronica’s makes: The Olive crop is like the perfect balance between comfortable and sexy. I love the technique used for adding the bands—it gives a unique look to the sides that adds a bit of sex appeal.



Ruching is one of the techniques that I love the look of but had a bad experience with and left me scarred. But doing the ruching on the Norah’s was so easy and I love the detail that it adds—it really adds another layer of texture to this oatmeal fabric from Mily Mae!



Aaronica used the Mily Mae Cashmere Waffle Knit in the color Stone and the Lux Loose Waffle Knit in the color Oatmeal. Here are her thoughts: For my Olive Crop, I used the lux loose waffle knit from Mily Mae. It gave my top beautiful drape so the fabric wasn’t overwhelming.

I’ve never worked with Cashmere Waffle Knit before and it did NOT disappoint! It had everything people love about waffle but at a higher quality and thickness. Making my Norah’s with them was such a comfy choice.



Follow Aaronica on Instagram, TikTok, and her personal sewing blog- The Needle And The Belle!









Fabric Spotlight- Mily Mae Fabrics



When I got my order from Mily Mae Fabrics, I was enamored with the Cashmere Waffle Knit. Specifically that Gingerbread color- yum! I also ordered the Lush Rib in the same color (gingerbread) and the color match was perfect. The texture is subtle and the drape is off the charts. 12/10, would recommend!



I knew we wanted a chunkier knit, too, so I reached out to Katie K. for some guidance on what might match Stone Cashmere Waffle. We looked at a few and she suggested the Lux Loose Wide Waffle Knit in the color Oatmeal. I love this fabric! It has just the right amount of chunky texture without feeling heavy or bulky. And the drape? *chefs kiss*





We have loved putting this lookbook together- and working with our fab Spotlight Sewists and the wonderful Mily Mae Fabrics! If you haven’t had a chance yet to grab the new releases they are still on sale through 2/7/2021 for just $7. You can get them right here:



Norah in Kids and Adults



Olive in Kids and Adults



Norah and Olive in Baby



Ivy in Kids and Adults



Eden in Kids and Adults



Ivy and Eden in Baby



We hope you enjoyed this post and all the thanks to our Spotlight Sewists for dedicating their time, energy and creativity to help us pull this together! And a special thanks to our sponsor, Mily Mae Fabric, for helping us take things to a whole different level of comfort with their gorgeous fabrics!



Until next time, friends!



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