With some help from some of our fabulous Brand Ambassadors, this week we will feature some hacks on the blog from all the new releases. We will be updating this post each day through Friday with some fun hacks on Ivy, Eden, Norah and Olive! If you haven’t had a chance to grab the new releases yet they are still on sale through Sunday, 2/7. Come hack-along with us!

As you read through this post you will notice that the links are marked as “affiliate” links. These belong to our BA sewists and they will receive a small commission if you purchase through their links- at no cost to you! If you love seeing their makes and want to support their creativity, please purchase using their links <3

Ivy Hacks

Ivy Shorts Hack with Faye

First up with a shorts hack for the Ivy Lounge Pants (#affiliate) is the lovely, Faye Allen! This hack is super easy and a breeze to customize to the inseam length that you want. For their pair, Faye used the shorten/lengthen line on the pattern piece to chop the pants into shorts. Instead of adding a traditional hem, Faye folded the bottom edge of the French Terry fabric up to create a rolled cuff and add a little texture with the loops on the wrong side of the fabric.

If you look closely you can also see that they used the wrong side of the fabric on the pocket and waistband pieces. This is such a good way to add a little texture and interest to your solid color garments! Don’t these look amazing?!? You can check out more of Faye’s looks on their Instagram!

Ivy Side Slit Hack with Tessa

Next we have the fabulous, Tessa Baird, with a side slit hack for the Ivy Lounge Pants (#affiliate) and a bonus patch pocket hack! For the pockets, Tessa used the pocket piece to make a patch pocket for the front of her pants. She serged around all sides of the pocket and then hemmed the slanted part with a 1/2″ hem allowance. She placed the pocket on the on the right side of her pants and sewed down the “L” shaped corner. Boom, patch pocket!

The side slit hack is a pretty easy one too! First you will want to decide how high you want the slit on your pants to be and you will mark that on the outer seam of your pants, on both sides with a fabric safe pen. Make sure that your markers are even on your left and right leg! For her pair, Tessa used the shorten/lengthen line to mark how high to add the slits. If you are serging, you can go ahead and serge each outer seam.

Once you have your spots marked, place your front and back legs right sides together and pin along the outside seam. Next, sew down the outer seam with your sewing machine until you reach the marker. Don’t forget to backstitch at the end! Press that side seam open and fold the edges of the slit under 3/8″ and press. Hem around the slit and repeat for the other leg. With right sides together, sew up the crotch seams and inseam, hem across the bottom and you’re all done! How great did these turn out?!?

Eden Hacks

Hemmed Eden Hack with Livia

First up today we have the always stylish, Livia Jonker-Yamada, with a hemmed hack for the Eden Cross-Over Dolman Sweater (#affiliate)! To get this look, Livia choose the buttoned version of Eden and omitted the sleeve cuff and bottom band. Instead of adding length to her bodice pieces, Livia selected the top length which would make it more cropped after hemming.

To adjust the sleeve, she measured the total length of the cuff and added half that to the bottom of the sleeve. Sew the shoulder seams and add the sleeve as directed in the tutorial and then hem both the sleeves and bottom hem. Since this sherpa was a bit too bulky for a double fold hem, Livia just serged around the bottom and folded the hem up about an inch.

The last part you need to adjust is the button band! With right sides together sew the bottom or each side of the button band closed and attach as normal. Sew on your buttons and voilà, you’re all done! Check out more of Livia’s awesome makes on her Instagram or sewing blog, Liviality!

Eden Cardigan Hack with Jackie

Next up is the ever creative, Jackie Pritchard, with an oversized cardigan hack for the Eden Cross-Over Dolman Sweater (#affiliate). To create this oversized cardi look, Jackie started by sizing up one size from her daughters current measurements.

When cutting, Jackie made a few small changes to her pattern pieces. First, let’s talk about the bodice since it required the most amount of hacking. Jackie started with the button front Eden. Using the cross over pattern piece as a guide, she created a smooth slope from the front up to the shoulder to create that cardigan front.

Next, the bands got some small adjustments as well. Add length to the button band until it is 1:1 with the neckline. Jackie added 1″ to the simple v hem band as well to prevent too much stretching. To create the functional placket, Jackie used the directions from the Marlowe Sweater & Cardigan. Bam, totally epic dolman cardi! For more of Jackies awesome makes, check her out on Instagram!

Norah Hacks

Norah Swimsuit Hack with Aaliyah

Today, the gorgeous Aaliyah Johnson is bringing you the easiest of all hacks! For her swimsuit, Aaliyah took the the scoop front bra from Linden (#affiliate) and the high rise Norah Shorties (#affiliate) sewed up them in some fab Mily Mae Kira Swim! Really the only “hack” to this hack is swapping out the suggested materials for fabrics that are safe to use in the pool. What makes fabrics pool safe, you ask? Well, there are a few things to look for.

Most swim fabrics will tell you the level of SPF coverage- for the MMF Kira Swim that is 50 SPF. Another thing that sets swim fabrics apart is the way these fabrics function in the pool. Swim fabrics are specially designed to have excellent stretch and recovery, they hold up under the harsh chemicals of the pool, and they won’t become too heavy or weighed down once wet. To make this suit, just swap out the recommended fabrics with swim fabric. Then fully line both pieces with swim lining and that’s it, friends! If you want to see more of Aaliyah’s makes, follow her on Instagram!

No-Waistband Norah Hack with Calli

Next up with another super easy hack is our beautiful friend from north of the border, Calli Benko! For this look (and it is a LOOK!), Calli sewed up the ruched version of the Norah Night Shorts (#affiliate) and omitted the band at the top for a really clean finish! To finish off that top edge, she added some elastic at a 1:1 ratio, turned it under and stitched it down.

For her top, Calli used the scoop front Linden (#affiliate) bra. Instead of using the racer back, she cut two scoop fronts and lowered them just a bit. Also, instead of adding the band as the pattern directed, the lengthened the bottom of the front and back by about 3″ to make more of a crop top. Doesn’t this look fab? Love Calli’s looks? Follow her on Instagram!

Check back tomorrow for a hi-low hack for Olive!

Written by petitestitchery Admin

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