Guess what, y’all? We are expanding our team!

We are growing so quickly and we need our team to grow with us! We are looking to add a few new creatives to our already awesome collection of individuals. Currently we have Brand Ambassador, Admin, and Staff Designer positions available. You can check out those details below, but first- why choose to be a part of PSCo?

At PSCo we have a true passion for creating. Not only do we work hard to create great patterns- we work hard to create a true team environment. We want our team members to not only feel valued and supported, but that they have the ability to help us shape our community.





Become a Brand Ambassador for PSCo!

PSCo Brand Ambassadors make up part one part of our promo team! Their main focus is to sew up the new releases, take amazing photos, and promote across social media. I know what you’re thinking, isn’t that just like pattern testing?

At PSCo, we break our testing process up into two parts. Pattern testers complete the pre-test/fitting portion of the testing process. Once the final pattern pieces are ready, we invite our BA’s sew them up, submit photos, and promote through out the sale.

As a BA, there are some perks! First, you will be given access to an affiliate link. This lets you earn commission on all the sales made from your link. You also would have access to all the PSCo patterns upon request. Need a pattern to complete an outfit or sew up that strike? Just reach out and we will get that added to your account! BA’s are also offered regular fabric discounts through pattern sponsors and there are top contributor bonuses available as well!

Who makes a good Brand Ambassador?

Do you think being a PSCo Brand Ambassador might be right for you? Here are some of the things that we look for in BA’s 👇

  • enthusiastic about our patterns
  • actively involved in the sewing community & PSCo fan group
  • intermediate to advanced sewing skills
  • good social media presence with engaging photos and content
  • semi-pro and pro photography skills
  • ability to commit to regular pattern testing and promotion


If being a BA is something you are interested in you can apply right HERE.



Become part of the PSCo Admin Team!

Admins do some of the same things as Brand Ambassadors with a few added responsibilities in our Facebook fan group. Our Admin team all regularly test, sew, and promote new patterns, but they also help to keep our online community moving! We are dedicated to keeping PSCo a safe space and the admins help make that happen. Here are some of the roles they play in the group 👇

  • approve members and posts
  • spend a few minutes daily scrolling the group, offering help and assistance when they can, and generally just spreading the love
  • help us enforce the group rules- it’s important to us that our admins not only understand the rules but that they truly believe in the kind of space that we hope these rules will help us create


There are some perks to becoming an admin for PSCo! Check them out 👇

  • access to the entire PSCo pattern library
  • higher commission for affiliate links
  • top contributor bonuses
  • opportunity to pitch and create paid content
  • paid opportunities for blogging and sew alongs
  • free fabric for live sews


If you are interested in becoming an admin for PSCo, you can apply right HERE.


Become a Designer at PSCo!

Have you ever played around with the idea of becoming a pattern designer but not quite sure where to start? Well, this next option just might be for you! We are searching for a few talented sewists to join us at PSCo as Staff Designers!

As a Staff Designer you would work alongside Ashley H. and myself as you learn the ins and outs of creating pdf sewing patterns through digital design. We will work with you as you learn to digitally draft, grade, test, package, and promote your very own PSCo patterns! Starting a career in pattern design can be challenging and even a bit intimidating. Having a supportive team behind you while you figure things out can make all the difference.

We place strong value teamwork. We work hard to release new, inspiring, and creative pdf patterns that are relevant to the things that sewists are looking for today. As a team we develop cohesive design and pattern collection ideas that make us excited to work! With PSCo, you will have the support needed to enter into the field of pdf pattern design. Ashley and I will be there to help you in all aspects of pattern design- from idea conception all the way through pattern release. We are always here to provide useful feedback and advice- the kind of information that only comes from years of experience.

What does it take to be a pattern designer?

If you’re still reading this, you probably already have a love for sewing and creating- and that is a big part of the job but there are a few other things you need. I won’t sugar coat it, self employment is a constant hustle. This is a job that you have to want to make work. It requires a high level of self motivation. This means being able to set goals for yourself, knowing your limitations, and being able to hold yourself accountable. In return for all that, you get to do what you love, on a flexible schedule that works for your busy life- and make a little cash! Here are some qualities you will need to be successful at this position 👇

  • strong work ethic
  • high level of drive and self motivation
  • ability to set and maintain deadlines
  • ability to prioritize effective communication
  • strong attention to detail
  • excellent people skills
  • ability to work well with others in a team environment
  • strong connections to the sewing community
  • willingness to participate in social media marketing and content creation


What kind of skills do I need?

No experience in drafting and grading patterns? Well that isn’t exactly a dealbreaker. In fact, you may already have many of the skills that you need to be a successful at pattern making. Let’s take a look 👇

  • intermediate to advanced sewing skills
  • understanding of garment construction and construction techniques
  • understanding of fit and alterations
  • ability to identify fit and quality errors within a pattern
  • understanding garment ease
  • understanding how fabric and drape affect garment fitting
  • the ability to articulate sewing instructions in a written format
  • high level of computer literacy
  • willingness to learn the software programs, techniques, and skills necessary to produce digital pdf sewing patterns


Does this seem like something that you would be interested in? To apply to become a Staff Designer at PSCo, fill out the application HERE.


How will I know if I am selected?

We will begin contacting those that are selected between Monday 5/3 and Friday 5/7 via Facebook- so make sure to check those message requests! For Staff Designer Applicants, we will reach out through FB and provide you with more information on the specifics of the position via email.

Until next time, friends!



Written by petitestitchery Admin

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