Things are starting to get strange over here! If you don’t know what Stranger Things is by now… well don’t feel too bad because I didn’t either until a few weeks ago. My oldest son is obsessed and he has been begging me to watch! Part of what finally made me break down and give it a go was when one of my pattern testers commented how the romper option from the Lola Wardrobe Builder (which released yesterday BTW!) would make the perfect Elle (Eleven) romper. I am a sucker for a good romper and even more for a fun abstract print. When I saw this Stranger Things inspired print from Paris Bebe Fabrics- I knew it had to happen.

Elle’s romper has a cross front and a collar so I had to make a few adjustments to the bodice- which included a little drafting for the collar piece but nothing too scary!

I used about a yard of this Stranger Things print for my size 3 romper. You will also need some poster board or paper for pattern making, a straight edge ruler, a pencil, and some scissors. Plus all the general sewing notions!

Start by tracing off the front tee. Add a diagonal line from the shoulder to close to the side. Mine is about 3/4″ away from the side seam. Cut along this line.
Let’s ignore my rough looking poster boards, I have kids. Mmmmk? lol Start your collar by marking off the seam allowance on your front bodice piece. Using a ruler, extend the line by half the length of the back neckline minus the seam allowance. For my size 3 it was 3″. Also mark where you want the end of the collar to hit.
Collar length is the line you drew in the previous step, collar height should be between 3-5″ depending on size. The two corners on the right of the collar should both be right angles. I just kind of winged it with the shape.
Cut two collar pieces on the fold, Cut two front pieces mirrored.
Cut the back, sleeves, waistband, elastic, and shorts per the pattern instructions.
Place the front pieces on top of the back, right sides together, and sew up the shoulder seams. Add the sleeves and sew up the side seams using the pattern directions.
Place the collar pieces right sides together and sew along the top edge. Clip the corners so the collar will turn easily.
Turn right side out and press.
Starting in the back, pin the collar to the right side of the neckline.
Cut a strip of fabric 1.5″ wide by the length of your neck opening. Pin the right side of this binding to the right side of the shirt- sandwiching the collar in between. Sew with a 1/4″ seam allowance.
Fold the raw edge of the binding strip over 1/2″ and then another 1/2″ to enclose the seam. sew 1/8″ away from the folded edge to secure.
Close the top and pin in place. Add a sew on snap to keep the top closed.
Add the shorts and waistband following the tutorial and you are all done! Look how stinking cute these are?!?

How perfect did this little romper turn out? My daughter is way too young for Stranger Things but that didn’t keep her from getting excited over her cute new outfit! We paired ours with a pair of white sneakers and some fun sunglasses. Now go grab your copy of the Lola Wardrobe Builder and the Dax Wardrobe Builder (for the dudes in your life) and go get strange!

Lola Wardrobe Builder:

Boy’s Dax Wardrobe Builder:

Grab this fun fabric from our friends at Paris Bebe Fabrics!

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