It’s time for the latest edition of Feature Week over at Petite Stitchery & Co! Our newest patterns, the ASHLeisure Collection, are available now! Nash, Vega, Romy and Finn are the perfect mix of stylish and comfy, perfect to lounge around the pool, head to the grocery store, binge some Netflix or chase around children. And they’re available in kids and baby sizes too! But wait! There’s more! This week, we’ll be featuring the Romy Twist Top and Vega bra here on the blog. We’ll be bringing you hacks, mashes and stylin’ tips! So grab your patterns, and away we go!
Here’s our schedule for this week!

Romy Twist Nursing Hack

To start off our week, we have Super Mod Amy here with a hack for all you breastfeeding Mamas! Take it away, Amy!

I love the new Romy twist, and I knew when I saw it, it was perfect for a nursing hack! It also happens to be Worldwide Breastfeeding week! This will be a new favorite go to for nursing. 

You will need to decide if you want the mini or modest twist for your lift up layer. I have done it both ways, I prefer mini! 

First you will cut a back bodice at the Modest Crop length, your twist fronts at Mini Crop or Modest Crop, sleeves, and neckband. Nothing changes on that! 

For the nursing layer: We will do a second backside  layer, but line up the neck like your front, and remove ¼” on the fold, on modest length to match the back.  Notice me checking my front neckline vs my back. My charcoal is my nursing front neckline. I chose a v neck. Crew neck works as well! 

Make sure to keep it on the fold, one solid piece. 

Assemble your twist front as usual. 

Take your nursing layer and lay right side up on your table. Place your twist layer right side up on top, matching neckline. 

Using a ruler or tape measure, gauge how long your top is to make the openings for the under layer. I have a little over 7” with the mini. Place your twist layer aside. Let’s mark our nursing access and finish. With the crewneck, I measured 2 -2.5” down from the neck to start my access. On the v-neck I only did about an inch. Down the center, cut a 5-8” slit ( depending on your bust, size of top and space. For the mini and v-neck there is the smallest amount of cut space, so I did around 5”. I’m over the DD cupsize some days, and it works just fine for me.

After you cut your slit for access, you can simply leave it, or just turn your edges and loosely top stitch around the opening, for reinforcement. 

Line your neckline back up with your twist top and clip in place, as well as matching up shoulders. As you line your two top pieces up (both right side up!) you can determine if you need to take a little off the sides of the nursing layer as you assemble. (my serger cuts mine off, but you could trim before sewing. 

Assemble your Romy as usual with both chest pieces layered, being careful to catch your top nursing layer mini or crop as you go!


You’re all set!

Now go find your nursling.

Perfect for milkies! 

Here is my first version, the modest crop over the crop length, with the crew neck.  

Happy Breastfeeding Week! 


Vega and Sorrel Culottes Mash

Hey fam! I’ve got something extra fun for you! It’s no secret that Sorrel is my favorite pattern ever, but I’m always looking for fun ways to mix it up. Enter Vega: My NEW favorite pattern ever. The bra gives enough support that I feel comfortable (even with an H cup) and using the built in bra feature on dresses and tops has made my summer super cool and comfy. What better way to combine my two favorite patterns than a Sorrel Culottes with a built in bra Vega as the top of a romper?

This mash is surprisingly easy, and I think you’ll love it! Here’s what I did:

First cut out your built in bra pieces. I used 1 layer of cotton lycra, and 1 layer of power mesh for a bit of extra support. Next Line up your Vega Bra pieces at the armscye, and grade any excess. Trim your pattern piece at the Vega Neckline and the sorrel length. Remember to mash both front and back pieces (don’t be like me and have to stop sewing and do the other). 

Follow your Vega instructions for constructing the built in bra and attaching binding and straps. I did use 5/8th inch elastic for this, but it’s really so much easier to use 1” FOE (fold over elastic) or elastic and binding if you’re not used to working with teeny tiny FOE. Follow your Sorrel instructions for your culottes or skirt and attaching the top to the bottoms.

That’s it! You’re all done! Now you’ve got a super comfy romper suitable for all your lounging or romping needs all summer!

Hope you love your Vegarrel/Sorrega as much as I do!


Romy Double Twist Hack

Hello friends!! 

I’m here with the most simple of simple hacks for Romy!! I bring to you the double twist. Follow the pattern instructions until the tube part. Once you have both tubes served loop them around each other and attach them back to their original side! Here is an example of per the pattern and the double twist!

Eh voila! Finish the pattern the way you normally would!!! 


Simple Strap Hack

Woooot! Super Mod Lydia is here to share a suuuuuuper simple hack to make the Vega bra a slightly quicker sew with “simple” straps!

Today I’m going to share a simple strap hack for the Vega bra.  The first thing you want to do is take your strap pattern piece from the armscye to the outer strap and add your preferred seam allowance. You can add it to each end or just double it at the top.

Cut 2 of these and sew them in a loop. Then take your pattern piece from armscye line to outer strap line and fold that section in half. Like this.

Line up your seam with the foldline and mark the armscye line on your strap piece. Make sure to mark both sides of your elastic.

Next you just line up those markings where the armscye begins and sew it in a loop. I like to mark the center of the armscye and start sewing there.

You also want to make sure you sew the back and front neckline first. You can freehand the elastic if you’re a pro or you can use the strap pattern piece to cut the elastic. Just remember to fold it in half. Like this.

Then line up the center.

Here’s what the straps look like.

Now just follow the directions to add the band or you can add some fun elastic. Can’t wait to see what you create!



Thanks for joining us for Romy/Vega week!! We hope you had fun!

Written by petitestitchery Admin

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