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The Lazy Scrunchie

Fabric from Paris Bebe Fabrics

Nothing quite brings back that 90’s nostalgia for me like one of my favorite hair accessories- the scrunchie! I won’t lie, a part of me died when we traded in our high side ponies topped with scrunchies for sleek ponytails with hair elastics. But no more are the days of sad, scrunchies-less ponies because they are back- and in a big way!

A few weeks back I was shopping when I saw a 3 pack of scrunchies at the mall. They were cute, bright, sparkly, and I knew my daughter would love them. I casually turn over the package and completely scoff at the $14.99 price tag. They suddenly became a lot less cute, especially since I had so much amazing fabric at home practically begging to be turned into scrunchies! But I will be honest, sewing elastic is one of my least favorite things, thus the Lazy Scrunchie was born!

To get started you only need a few things:

  • A piece of any fabric (stretch or woven) measuring 18″ x 4″
  • Hair elastics
  • Sewing machine or sewing needle and thread
Check out my AMAZING glitter sparkles cotton Lycra from Paris Bebe Fabrics! I will drop a link below <3
*Start by wrapping the fabric, right sides together around the hair elastic and match up the raw edges. I didn’t pin mine but if you have an especially slippery fabric you can throw a few pins in there to prevent slipping.
*Sew along the entire length of the side. I used my serger but you can use a sewing machine or even hand sew.
*Turn the tube right side out and clip any loose threads
*Fold one end of the tube under 1/2″ and slide the other end inside. Sew with a sewing machine or hand stitch closed. Now make 100 more!
Here is my daughter, Molleigh, rocking her lazy scrunchie, Haven Crop Top and Waverly Shorts. This is what 90’s dreams are made of, y’all!

I plan on making so many of these for myself- if I can ever get my kiddo to stop picking out fabric for hers! I am dreaming of silks and velvets and rib knits- oh my! I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and it helps you pump up your hair accessory game in true 90’s fashion!

Ashley R. <3

**Fabric for these scrunchies was provided by our friends at Paris Bebe Fabrics, check out some of their amazing custom cotton lycra here:

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