We are so excited to be releasing the very first pattern in our brand new pattern line- Grow by PSCo! Before we kick off this new pattern release on Thursday, we want to start by telling you all about the Grow Collection and maybe helping to answer any questions you may have. Let’s get into it!

What is Grow by PSCo?

Before I get to the what, let’s cover the why!

When PSCo first started in 2016, we focused mainly on creating the boutique style patterns that were popular for babies and kids at the time. As popular styles changed, we changed right along with them and became more focused on Adult/Tween fashion trends. Soon, we started to notice a big decline in the popularity of our baby patterns. Eventually, this decline just lead to us drafting a lot less of them. In the last two years, we have only released one pattern in the baby size range!

Going into 2024, we knew that we wanted to bring more baby patterns to PSCo. Here’s the tricky bit- popular adult/teen styles aren’t always practical for baby (hence why they weren’t selling well for us before). Knowing this, we knew we needed to find a way to bring in those popular baby styles without changing what was already working for us. Grow by PSCo has now entered the chat!

The Grow Collection is a brand new pattern line for PSCo! It has it's own size charts, pattern blocks, and most importantly- it has it own style! Grow finally gives us a place to put all those adorably youthful designs that we would have likely skipped over before because they didn't fit our adult/teen aesthetic. Now we will have a little more of something for everyone!

Let's talk about sizing!

The Grow Collection has two new and unique size charts- one that runs from 3M to 4T (for baby/toddler designs) and one that runs from 3M to 11/12 (for baby/kids designs). These charts differ from our regular size charts. You will want to make sure that you are sizing your kiddos according to the Grow chart and not their regular PSCo sizes. You may be looking at the size charts and wondering why there are kids sizes if the Grow Collection is about baby trends. One word friends- longevity! 

The Grow Collection is not really meant to add to our Kids collection because we have SO many of those patterns already. In fact, we currently have over 160 Kids Patterns- most of which are offered in the full 2T-17 size range.  Yes, there are kids sizes included in the new Grow size chart but that's because babies aren't babies for very long. A lot of babies age out of 24m sizing long before they turn two. Adding those few kids sizes means that you will get more years of use from your pattern. So instead of sewing their favorite joggers for 2 years, you could sew them for 10 years!

With this new collection releasing we figured you might have some questions! We wanted to go ahead and give you some of those answers to the main questions you might have!


What will happen to the regular Kids/Tween patterns now that we have the Grow Collection?


Absolutely nothing! The Grow Collection is not a replacement for our regular Kids/Tween patterns. We will still be releasing several patterns each month in the Kids/Tween size range in addition to our already huge kids pattern library!

How will you decide which patterns will be released in the Grow Collection and which patterns will be released in regular Kids/Tween & Adult?


Well, it will ultimately come down to whether or not that pattern will be released in Adult sizes and whether or not that style is one that will work well for Adults/Tweens. All patterns that will be released in Adult sizes will also be offered in Kids/Tween- providing they are not too spicy- and some will be offered in regular baby sizes as well. We have a ton of pattern options. If you like something that releases in the Grow Collection, chances are there is also something similar you will like in our existing Kids/Adults collections too!


Why don’t you just release every pattern in every size range?


We tried that for awhile and to be honest, it just doesn’t work for us. Not all designs translate across all size ranges. When we release patterns that aren’t well received, it not only puts a strain on our testers/designers time and resources, it hurts PSCo as a company financially. For complete transparency, it is not free for us to release a pattern. In addition to the normal cost of doing business in our industry (things like website fees, payment processing fees, subscriptions and apps- those things that everyone has to pay), PSCo also pays our testers for listing images, cover photos, affiliate links, and promo pics. In total, we spend thousands of dollars each month in operational costs and start each pattern release at a financial loss.

So for us, it’s not about our want or willingness to offer every pattern in every size, it’s about ability to do so within our business model. Unfortunately, sometimes that means that we have to make tough decisions- like not offering every pattern in every size range. We are working so hard to make sure that we are able to balance what our business and customers need without having to pass down those cost to you all with higher pattern prices.




I think that about covers everything! Make sure that you check back in on Thursday to grab your copy of the Arden Top & Joggers! 

Written by Ashley Riley

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