Introducing Wynn: The Scallop Dress and Romper Pattern Perfect for Spring

Get ready to elevate your wardrobe with Wynn. Designed for style and versatility,

Wynn offers the perfect blend of elegance and comfort, making it a must-have

addition to your handmade clothing collection.

Scallop Details

At the heart of Wynn pattern is its scallop details, adding a touch of sophistication

to both the neckline and hemline. The scalloped edges bring a unique and playful

flair to your garments, making them stand out from the crowd with the charming


Options Galore

Wynn offers a variety of options to suit your personal style preferences and needs:

Scalloped Neckline and Hem: The signature feature of the

Wynn pattern, allowing you to create garments that are both chic and


Dress with Knee or Midi Lengths: Whether you prefer a

shorter hemline for a flirty look or a midi length for added elegance, Wynn

has you covered.

Romper with Strapped Back Bodice: Perfect for those warmer

days or casual outings, the romper version of Wynn features a stylish

strapped back bodice, ensuring you are comfortable while looking

effortlessly chic.

FBA Bodices A-H Cups (Adults Only): Wynn is designed to

cater to a wide range of body types, offering Full Bust Adjustments (FBA)

for cup sizes A to H, ensuring a perfect fit and silhouette for every


Pockets: Because who doesn't love pockets? The Wynn pattern

includes practical side pockets, adding functionality to your garments

without compromising on style.

Hack It Into a Crop Top

For those who want to embrace the crop top trend, Wynn offers a simple

modification. To create a cropped version, simply cut the bodice pieces per the

pattern and follow the tutorial for construction until you complete Step 21. From

there, instead of adding a skirt or shorts we hem! Fold the raw bottom edge of the

bodice up by 1” and topstitch to finish the cropped look. You're ready to rock a

stylish ensemble perfect for spring! To modify this look even more, you can add a

little bit of length to the bodice, or reduce the length dependent on your taste!

Colors, Fabrics, & Options

Craft your Wynn dress or romper in structured knit fabrics such as cotton lycra,

athletic knits or Ponte for the bodice. You will need some structure up top to hold

the shape of the scallops. For a breathable and airy feel that's perfect for those

sunny spring days choose a lightweight bamboo for the skirt or romper.

Spring is all about embracing fresh and vibrant colors, and Wynn allows you to do

just that. Choose from an array of pastel hues or fun florals to add a pop of color

to your wardrobe and celebrate the blooming beauty of springtime. Customize

your look even more by choosing one of the three lengths included. Knee length

skirt, Midi skirt, or Romper shorts.


Tester Round-Up

Unleash your creativity with Wynn—our latest sewing pattern for the modern

maker at intro pricing now through Thursday 4/4!

Check out all these amazing tester makes!

Shop Kids Wynn HERE.

Shop Adults Wynn HERE.

Happy Sewing!

Written by Ashley Riley

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