Kids Ivy Lounge Pants

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Okay, that may not have been the exact quote, but as much as we've grown accustomed to the "lounge life" there comes a time when everyone needs to wear pants. But that doesn't mean we can't be comfy and chic when we do!

The Ivy Lounge Pants are the bottoms pattern we've been longing for---relaxed, comfortable, drapey, cute, and WITH POCKETS! This knit lounge pant pattern is perfect for those silky knits you've been saving for "just the right pattern". Now you can relax, unwind, run and play or sit and game whilst being comfortable and SUPER STYLISH! Your (or your kiddos' legs) will thank you!

Fabric and Notions 

Recommended Fabrics:

*Stretch knit with 50% four way stretch- rib knits, waffle, sweater knits!