Our Goal

Established in 2016, we have been around long enough to see the shifts in the online sewing community and we are here for it.

We aren't just about creating great patterns and offering fabulous fabrics. We work hard to create safe spaces within the sewing community where sewists can feel welcome, included, and inspired!

We are here to listen, learn, and grow with our community. We are never satisfied with the "what is" and instead focus on the "what could be".

Meet the Designers

  • Ashley Riley- Owner

    Hey, I'm Ashley! I have been designing for PSCo since 2017 and it has been love ever since!

    I am a work from home wife and mom to 4 littles. In addition to the kiddos- my husband and I have also managed to collect three doggos and two cats. Needless to say we have a full house!

    My love of sewing and designing came from a few places. First, would be my mom. She taught me to sew when I was young and now I am returning the favor by helping her rediscover her love of sewing! My love for designing comes mostly from my dad and nan. My nan would spend hours with me drawing gowns from the old movies that we watched together. My dad passed on the need to know how things go together- plus an affinity for math, which you use a lot in design!

    Being able to work from home, doing something I love, has been such a blessing these last few years! I am so excited to keep creating with you!

  • Jackie Pritchard- Designer

    Hey there, I'm Jackie! I am originally from AZ but am now living in NC. I began really learning to sew after my twin daughters were both diagnosed with PCDH19 epilepsy and I needed something to keep me sane! I never imagined I would grow to love it so much or that it would help me so much mentally. It has been such an amazing creative outlet and stress reliever for me! I can't wait to keep creating and bringing new patterns to PSCo!

  • Calli Benko- Designer

    Hi!! I’m Calli Benko, aka Chatty Cathy, hailing from the Great White North. Sewing has been a passion of mine since I was a kid sewing Halloween Costumes. Now there isn’t a day when I’m not wearing at least one item I’ve made. Designing PDF patterns has been a thought in my mind for a few years. Grateful, excited, and inspired are just a few of my big feelings right now. I can’t wait to bring you all more patterns in the future!

  • Shakita Cook- Designer

    Hey y'all, I’m Shakita Cook from Richmond, Va! I taught myself how to sew in 2014, and haven’t stopped since! Excitement can’t begin to describe how I feel working on the Petite Stitchery team as a Staff Designer. I am all about body positivity and inclusion, so I am ecstatic to be learning all the things to help others feel confident in their self-made garments.

  • Nichole Steuart- Designer

    Hey y’all, I am Nichole Steuart and I reside in the Colorado Rockies. If Im not outside enjoying the sunshine and snow, you can probably find me in my sewing studio. My life has been consumed by design ever since my grandmother taught me how to sew as a child. Ive had the opportunity to do so many diverse things in the fashion world, from backstage seamstress work, teaching and now I get to design for PSCo and I could not be more excited!