Adult Fairweather Trousers

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The Fair Weather Trousers are the perfect woven bottoms to make all your Pinspirations come to life!

The Fair Weather Trousers feature a high rise and a trendy paperbag waistband. They feature three lengths (Short, Capri, and Pant) as well as three different cuts for fit (Wide, Slim, and Tapered). If those weren’t enough, the Fair Weather Trousers also feature an option for a bibs with a front pocket!

There are options for two different styles of trouser pockets- patch and inseam, both of which are perfect for snacks! Add belt loops and a sash to help define the waist- or skip the sash and add your favorite skinny belt. For the shorts, there is an included option for a cuff and button tab!

The Fair Weather Trousers are perfect for everyday wear but can be dressed up for a night on the town. No matter the season or occasion- you’ll find the perfect option to help you feel both stylish and comfortable!


Fabric and Notions 

Recommended Fabrics:
*Woven Fabrics with good drape